Grass cutting:
This includes grass cutting, strimming edges and blowing off clippings from footpaths etc. We also offer a ride-on mowing service for larger lawns.

Hedge trimming:
We offer trimming of all types of hedging e.g. Laurel, Beech, Grissilinia, Hornbeam, Privet, Hawthorn etc. All green waste can be removed if necessary.

Shrub trimming / shaping:
Shrubs can be trimmed and shaped as required including removal of clippings if necessary.

This includes pruning of apple trees, ornamental trees etc including removal of branches and green waste if necessary.

Weed control:
Hand-weeding/hoeing can be carried out to keep garden flower beds and borders looking tidy.

Garden bed edges and borders can be defined with half moon edger or grass verge cutter.

Garden clearance:
Overgrown gardens can be strimmed, mowed, trimmed up, weeded, trees cut down etc.

Garden tidy-ups:
This can be a one-off or a regular service on a monthly or every two month basis. Spring and autumn tidy-up can also be catered for.

New lawns:
New lawns can be prepared which includes spraying off with weedkiller, rotovating, raking out stones, levelling, fertilising, seeding and rolling. Roll-out grass can also be laid.

Shrub and tree planting:
New garden beds can be designed and installed including edging, e.g. steel, timber or concrete. Plants can be chosen to suit your site and soil conditions. Shrubs, perennial plants (these die back in winter), bedding plants and trees can be supplied and planted.

Hedge planting:
Hedging can be supplied and planted in bare-root (usually October to March), root-ball, or container form.
Upon visiting your garden/site, a suitable hedge type can be chosen to suit your site and soil conditions and whether you would like an evergreen or deciduous variety.
Common types include Laurel, Portuguese Laurel, Grissilinia, Beech, Hornbeam, Privet, Hawthorn etc.

Bark mulch:
Bark mulch can be supplied and installed in various sizes – mini, medium or large chip to suit your garden.

Decorative stone:
Decorative stone comes in many different colours, shapes and sizes i.e. plum slate, aqua green slate, Glenview lite gold pebbles or larger round stones. Once chosen it can be supplied and installed.

Weed block membrane:
A weed block water permeable membrane can be supplied and installed prior to installation of bark mulch / decorative stone to greatly reduce weed growth.

Concrete post and timber panel fencing or timber post and rail fencing can be supplied and installed.



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